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It's Exclusive - Used Spas from Hot Spring Spa® Dealers Only!

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Find a spa that meet's your needs. Don't worry about where the spa is located. It can be shipped to you for a reasonable fee. All used spas on this website are from reputable Hot Spring Spa® dealers across the country.

  1. Ask Questions - Get Aquanted
    When viewing a spa's details, be sure to click the "Ask a Question" button so that you can communicate directly with the dealer selling the spa. This is the best way to begin the process of purchasing your new used spa.

  2. Determine Shipping Options
    If you find a spa that's nearby, the dealer will usually deliver it for a fee. If it's not nearby, don't worry! The uShip Shipping Calculator tool shown next to each spa is a great way to find a quality 3rd party shipping provider. Check out this video...

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Sell a Used Spa populated by a select group of Hot Spring Spa® Dealers nationwide. In order to become a seller here, you too must be an authorized dealer of Hot Spring Spas®. If you are, we'll contact you and conduct a brief vetting process. We'll consult an array of sources including online reviews, BBB ratings, etc. and potentially contact your existing customers. Provided you meet our stringent standards you'll be selling in no time. We look forward to meeting you.

Please send us an email at to begin.

Welcome! connects buyers with reputable hot tub dealers who sell used spas. The kicker is that only authorized Hot Spring Spa Dealers can sell their used spas here. Hot Spring Spas® are the World's #1 selling hot tub brand, and this website is entirely populated by it's dealers.

Shipping... Easy!

By employing a service called uShip, buyers can effectively and affordably ship their used spas from all over the country for extremely reasonable rates. Obviously a used hot tub can be shipped using any carrier, but we think the uShip way is what makes buying a used spa online a snap. Learn more.