$3,495.00 2001 Tiger River Sumatran

2011 sumatran sold

Beautifully refurbished hot tub with sand colored shell and coastal grey cabinet. Plug into a 110v dedicated line or a 230v single phase GFCI. Comes with cover and ozone filtration system. Perfect addition to a rental property.


Seating 4 Adults
Dimensions 78" x 78" x 33"
Weight 33.0 lbs.
Electrical 110v, 20amps dedicated or 230v, 50amps single phase GFCI


Dealer Ocean Spray Pools & Spas
Phone 631-756-5535
Email marketing@oceanspraypoolsandspas.com
Website www.oceanspraypoolsandspas.com
Location Melville, NY


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